Casino Recount Update 

A recount on the casino question on this month’s ballot will have to wait until next month.The Secretary of State’s Office says election recounts for legislative seats will be tackled first, then the casino issue.Two anti-casino groups called for the recount.The numbers from election day show the casino question passing by about 5,000 votes. It’s likely the recount could cost the state thousands of dollars. First the votes are recounted in more than 5,000 communities.Then State Police have to pick up all those ballots.Peter Martin, a spokesman for the company behind the casino says he doesn’t blame the other side for wanting a recount, but he hopes there’s room for compromise.The longer the recount takes, the more expensive it gets.Martin says if it lasts a full 30-days it could cost 50-thousand dollars. The recount is likely to take place the first week in December. Black Bear Entertainment has already picked a site in Oxford for the casino.