Bangor Fooball Looking Healthy Before State Title Game 

Six teams will play for state titles in football this weekend. It’s week 12 of the season. Players are sore and having to deal with injuries. It’s a part of the game. The change in recent years is a good one. It’s up to the medical staff as to when players go back in. Tim Throckmortn has more.Mark Hackett – Bangor Head Coach”Fortunate that we have a sports minded society off our shoulders and puts it on medical society.”As with all teams, Bangor has had to deal with injuries. Last Friday, receiver Nick Sherwood crossed the middle on a pass play.Nick Sherwood – Bangor Rams”It was a big hit ribs knocked the wind out of ya, Oh yeah.”Within minutes of that injury, cornerback Zeb Tuell took on a running back.Zeb Tuell – Bangor Rams”Normal play made the tackle shoulder popped out layed there. It’s football it happens.”Both are ready to play again this weekend. Star running back Josiah Hartley says it was hard missing a couple of games earlier this season after getting a concussion.Josiah Hartley – Bangor Rams”Yeah absolutely, missed more games this season than my entire life. Watching and not being able to help your team hurts you.”Everyone is back, but when there is an injury, it’s next guy up, hHere we go says Hackett.”Are we as good without those star senior captains no but weve only lost one game so we’ll take it.”