Weekend Burglary at Giacomo’s 

A weekend burglary at an eatery downtown Bangor has brought customers out of their way to stop in for a quick bite.”A few thousand dollars is a lot,” said owner Brett Settle. “That’s half my payroll.”That’s what was stolen from Giacomo’s in downtown Bangor.”I came in Sunday morning just to do my paperwork, my deposits, all of that around 10 in the morning and I noticed there was no cash in the drawer.”Settle called police, and less than 24 hours later, he’s already making changes.”Oh all of it, absolutely from cameras to locks to procedures, you know my procedures obviously weren’t that good,” said Settle. “I was a little naive and trusting. I think is what it is you really don’t think anything like that is going to happen to you, you know, you try to be a nice guy and nobody is going to mess with you and that is obviously how it works.”Being a nice guy has lead to an outpouring of support that started through the social network sites Facebook and Twitter.Posts were made about the burglary and that brought customers like Ross Theriault in the door to help make up for some of the lost money. “I like to follow a lot of the places around here and get in on that through the social media so I think it’s really important and awesome to see the benefit that it can provide.” “And it’s really rallied the community behind it and I think that’s really an important thing.”Settle was taken aback by the showing, “I’m absolutely amazed at how quick it gets around and the outpouring of support people are just popping in to buy a coffee that might not normally just to support the local business you know it’s a small amount of money in the grand scheme of things but it’s a lot to a small business, we run pretty shoe string down here.”