Voice Behind the Subway 

She tells you which train is on its way, welcomes you to Hawaii, and even asks you not to smoke.She’s the voice behind PA systems all over the world, and she lives in Hampden.”I had a friend who was in the subway in New York. She called me up and said, “I’m hearing you in the subway! I can’t believe it!”Carolyn Hopkins started recording for travel systems twenty-five years ago. Today, her voice can be heard anywhere from the New York City subways to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.”I’ve kind of been sold with the system, so I’ve been lucky.” The system comes from a company called Innovative Electric Designs in Kentucky, where Carolyn used to live.”They created a company that invented computerized sound systems, and I could do the voice they wanted and I was there.” Now she just emails the company her recordings she makes right at home. All these years later, she can still produce that same voice.”I have to match my voice. There are a lot of takes out there that I actually have to assemble my voice to from five, ten years ago.””As you hear, they’re two different voices. They’re similar, but they’re two different voices.”It sounds close enough, and as long as Carolyn can maintain her voice she has plans to do this for a long time. “Forever if I can.”