UMaine Basketball Player Quiz 

We asked 5 members of each UMaine basketball team one question each.First the mens team and senior captain Troy Barnies.Who on your team has been named pre season all conference? Gerald McLemore. That’s correct.Gerald… What other team did your coach Ted Woodward coach here at Maine? Pass. It was golf.John McAllian, which of your teammates was Mr. Maine basketball in 2007?Troy Barnies. That is correct.Murphy Burnatowski how many players from your team are Not from the US?Three. No four.And Sean McNally assistant coach Chris Markwood played college basketball at what two schools? Notre Dame and Umaine.That’s correct. Three out of five.Tanna Ross, what member of your team has a grandfather that played for the Buffalo Bills? Sam Wheeler. That’s correct.Katelyn Vanderhoff, what number did coach Blodgett wear when she played at Umaine? 14. That is correct.Sam Baranowski, which assistant coach with your team won six state titles while coaching at Dirigo high school?Coach Kane. That is correct. They are tied with the men now.Rachele Burns, name a former Umaine player that has been named Miss Maine? Ashley Underwood. That is correct.The new athletic director is Steve Abbott what sport did he captain while he was at Harvard? Baseball… No football. Four out of five for the womens team.