Local Couple celebrates 74 Years of Marriage 

A local couple celebrated 74 years of marriage.Dorothy and Maurice Overlock have been together for 74 years.Dorothy says even though time has flown by, she still remembers their first kiss.”He leaned over and kissed me and I hit him with my handbag.”The Overlocks were married on November 13, 1936 at a Methodist Baptist church in Maine.They had five children, their eldest son Marvin says growing up the close knit family would go on trips and have get togethers.Generations of Overlocks came to Ross Manor to celebrate Dorothy and Maurice’s anniversary.”They’ve taught us family values, love and care for one another.”Maurice has lived at Ross Manor for the past two years. Dorothy visits him every other day.Maurice admits the separation has been tough, but is happy when his wife is by his side.”She’s the only one for me, I love her everyday, I hate being separated from her but if that’s the way the lord wants us to be I suppose I put up with it.”Dorothy credits mutual understanding to the longevity of their relationship. Her advice for other couples is to never give up.”When you have an argument or any little thing comes up, work on it, even if you have a little tiff, just work on it, just work it out and make up.”