The Grand Theater In Ellsworth has New Tower 

The first part of the renovations to a landmark building in Ellsworth have been completed. The Grand in Ellsworth has been a staple on Main street for more than 70 years. Zoe Scott is the Executive Director of The Grand. “I think as a landmark for Ellsworth and as a cultural center for over 70 years it’s huge,” she says. “We really are the primary cultural center for hancock county.”The restoration of the old theater is being done in two phases. Restoring the tower on top of the building to it’s original splendor of 1938 is phase 1. This proved to be a bit more difficult than they first thought. “The glass that they make in 1938, they don’t make it anymore. it’s called vitrolite,” says Scott. “There’s one guy in the middle of the country in St. Louis who has it. So we were able to have him come and train Portland Glass about removal and putting the new glass on and we were able to order glass from him.”Scott says she’s thrilled with the finished product. “It’s beautiful,” Scott says. “I mean just to see it. I saw clouds reflected in it the other day.”Now it’s on to phase two. Restoring the marquee on the front of the building, which again, looks like it may challenge contractors. “Hopefully next summer we can get that also restored, she says. “We had a consultant here yesterday to start the investigative work of what that really looked like in 1938. There are very few pictures.”The grand is celebrating the completion of the tower tonight. They’ll have a free showing of the classic film, “Some Like It Hot”, at 8:00 Friday night.