Rebecca’s Gifts Celebrates 25 Years 

Rebecca’s Gifts has been a fixture in downtown Bangor for twenty-five years now.This weekend, they’re celebrating that anniversary.Meghan Hayward takes us inside the festivities.Rebecca’s Gifts started out as a small shop on Central Street in Bangor 25 years ago.Fast forward, and a lot has changed.”We started in about an 800 square foot store and ended up with a 9,000 square foot store.”Owner Rick Vigue remembers opening day.”How the first day I started 25 years ago by myself, sitting behind the cash register waiting for a customer to come in and almost panicked when there were 10 people in the store.”Vigue says they’re happy to be located in the heart of downtown Bangor.”It’s really improved over the years. We started when it was pretty quiet and there’s been a lot of nice changes. The buildings are all looking better and the downtown is really getting much more progressive.”Vigue credits their customers for their success.”It’s the good customers and people who like to shop local and like to buy lots of Maine products. I think people like to support the people that live here in the Bangor area and I think that’s what has made us survive over the years.”Now those customers can help celebrate their 25th anniversary.”So we’re having lots of specials. We’re having wine tastings, food tastings. We’re offering cash back on purchases of 25 dollars or more for our 25th anniversary.”Those specials run through closing time Saturday.