Students Make Flash Mob YouTube Video 

Students at the New England School of Communications are dancing their way into an ad campaign for a national car company.They were putting their video together Thursday for the Honda CRZ Media Challenge. At the core of their campaign is spokesperson C.R. Zazzy.They tell us he’s a stylish, fun-loving guy.In their video, Zazzy pulls up in the CRZ and cranks the stereo, which leads to several students dancing around Zazzy’s snazzy car.The Nescom crew is currently among the top ten finalists in the nationwide ad contest and is competing against much bigger schools, which they say says a lot about their school.”It’s really amazing. We’ve been really excited to show what NESCOM can do. We’re a school of about 500 in our student body and so far we have over a thousand Facebook fans.”Honda will pick three teams to fly to California to make presentations, leading to internships with the company next Spring.