Maine Maritime Academy Honors Veterans 

Students at Maine Maritime Academy were joined by veterans and members of the Castine community to celebrate Veterans Day. Commander Hank Stewart of the U.S. Navy delivered the keynote address. “We celebrate the contributions of our veterans, our patriots,” Stewart told the crowd. “We must never forget the contributions, sacrifices and endearing support of their families at home.” That was the theme of a short but moving and poignant ceremony at Maine Maritime Academy honoring veterans. A ceremony planned entirely by MMA students in the student government. “I think it shows a good sense of commitment and I think it shows an awful lot of respect for the veterans,” said Jeff Loustaunau, Commandant of Midshipmen at MMA. It took more than a month of planning, but for students who worked so hard to put this together, they say it was all worth it. “It was really great. A lot of planning went into it and it was nice to see a successful turnout,” says student body president Jenna King. Veterans, like Dave Hassett, who spent 28 years in the navy, were moved by the students efforts. “It reminds me of all the service that I’ve done as well as all of my friends,” said Hassett. “I’ve lost a few in the service and it’s a chance to reflect on them.”The day wasn’t just for honoring veterans, but also the families they leave behind when they head overseas. “When you go off and serve and you’re away from home for months and years at a time it’s the families that really bare the brunt of that hardship,” says Loustaunau.The ceremony was topped off with a moment of silence and a special remembrance for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.