Town Petitions State for Repairs 

It used to be a high traffic route for drivers, but town officials say this stretch of road is now plagued by unsafe conditions.”Route 2 used to be the main commuter road through here. and all the heavy trucks traveled it when they couldn’t go the interstate,” said Carmel Town Manager, Tom Richmond. However, over the years, wear and tear has taken its toll. “When the plow plows the road, all the slush stays on the side of the road and it causes a real safety hazard. In the summertime, the potholes, we have flat tires and all kinds of damage to cars on the road,” said Richmond.Due to its rough shape, area businesses say they don’t see nearly as many customers as they used to. “We don’t have the travel through that travels from Bangor to Newport. We don’t get any tourist traffic anymore. It’s just nonexistent,” said Jahn Hudson, owner of Ye Olde General Store in Carmel.Local communities want the state to fund road repairs. More than 1,700 residents have signed a petition, which the town hopes will convince the department of transportation to fix the road.The Department of Transportation is aware of the deteriorating roads, but have limited funds to make improvements. “Obviously it’s gotten to the point where it needs work and we recognize that fact. We’re not ignoring the situation. Unfortunately, we have 8,500 miles of road, roughly, that the Department of Transportation maintains and you know the money only goes so far,” said DOT engineer, John Devin. While the department says it will be six to eight years before the entire stretch is fixed, the funds go far enough to at least get some work underway next summer.