Maine Hockey Discuss Ludacris Concert Interrupting Their Practice 

Alfond Arena was packed last night not because of hockey or basketball but because of a concert from the rapper Ludacris. The Maine hockey team had the day off from practice while the arena was being set up for the show. We caught up with the team and asked if there were any Black Bears “Actin’ a Fool” at the Luda show last night.Robby Dee – Maine Forward”I think a few guys were jammin out in the front row but I didn’t make it out but I heard it was a good concert.”Gustav Nyquist – Maine ForwardI think Theo, O’Neil and Joey went, I did not go to the show.”Brian Flynn – Maine Forward”I think the new Call Of Duty came out and they were playing.””I would have gone if I had free time but I had some classwork to get done though.”