Community In Shock After Fatal Accident Claims 3 Lives 

Police are investigating a deadly truck crash in Hope last night that killed three people, including two teenagers.On Tuesday friends and family gathered at the crash site on the Barnestown road in Hope to grieve and remember their three friends.21-year-old-Daniel Dodge II, an avid hunter and fisherman, his 17-year-old girlfriend Katie Kelly, a senior at Rockland High School who recently completed a CNA nursing program, and 14-year-old Misti Leach, an 8th grader at Rockland District Middle School. All three lost their lives Monday night.Jesse Petersdorf and two of his friends showed up at the crash site to say goodbye to their friends. “I was speechless,” Petersdorf said. “I still am. Can’t come up with the words to say anything for it.”19-year-old Joey Lawson moved to Hope when he was in the 4th grade. He was lifelong friends of both Dodge and Kelly and says he also knew Leach well. “I don’t even know how to explain,” a visibly shaken Lawson said. “It affects everyone in such a dramatic way. Whether it was a relationship or best friends or just saw them around town. I just can’t explain what’s going through people’s heads right now.” Police say Kelly and Leach were killed instantly. The two girls were friends and grew up in the Rockland school system. High school principal Tom Forti says he got the tragic news early Tuesday morning and students are coping the best they can. “We’ve had grief counselors set up with our guidance counselor,” said Forti. “We’ve turned our conference room into an area where students can come and sit and drop in and out and talk with one another or just sit and contemplate.” The three were headed to Dodge’s house, which just three miles from the crash site. Joey Lawson says Dodge knew these roads well. “We all used to ride around the back roads with nothing to do,” he says.” “See if we could see some deer or anything and just goofing off and it could have been any of us that’s what hits the hardest with dan especially.”Folks here say it will be some time before the pain of this day goes away. Rockland schools say they’ll keep their crisis plans going until they’re no longer needed. “As long as we need it,” says Principal Forti. “As long as we need it. We’re ready to keep it going.”State police say speed is being looked at as a possible factor and blood alcohol tests are being done on the driver.