Protest in Lincoln over Wind Farm 

About 30 protesters gathered in Lincoln Monday morning to voice their concerns about a $130-million wind farm in northern Maine.The protest landed 5 people in jail.A spokesman from the company building the farm says the accusations are simply not true.” We all support the concept of green power, but this is a green scam,” said Gary Steinburg, a Lincoln resident.Gary Steinburg is one Lincoln resident unhappy with the Rollins Wind project in Washington County.He organized a protest against it.”It’s going to destroy Maine vacationland and what we know of our environment for a scam and for nonsense,” said Steinburg.More than 30 people gathered in Lincoln to have their voices heard.According to First Wind, the project consists of turbines that will produce enough clean renewable energy to power more than 24,000 homes, but protesters disagree. “Any wind that gets generated at this site, which will only be about 20 percent of its capacity is going to do nothing to help out the planet,” said Brad Blake, a Lincoln resident.Five people were arrested when police say they refused to leave a road where they were blocking trucks heading to the construction site. Among those arrested, a man in his 80’s. “Who feels so strongly about this project and how bad it is that he was willing to be arrested,” said Blake.A statement released to TV5 by First Wind says “First Wind is pleased to move ahead with the Rollins Wind project and keep hundreds of Mainers working during a tough economy. It’s unfortunate a small group of renewable energy opponents have chosen to protest that, but we respect their rights to do so. Not only will this project put more than 200 people to work during construction, but it will generate enough clean, renewable power for more than 24-thousand homes in Maine. We’re proud of that.”