Community Shelter Open House 

Some towns in Knox County were holding community shelter open houses Sunday.The shelter in Hope is located at the fire station.They were encouraging folks to stop in and see the shelters and meet the folks that will be running them in the event of an emergency.They were also handing out tips for emergency preparedness and folks could put their names on a list to be contacted in the event of a disaster.The open houses were part of an initiative by Knox County Emergency Management Agency to help towns in the county identify a facility as a community shelter.These shelters often serve as a break from the cold or heat in the event of an extended power outage.Hope Fire Chief, Clarence Keller says the fire department is happy to be home of their town’s shelter.” We’ve been very blessed with this facility. We moved in in December of last year and it’s just a great opportunity to be able to expand our horizons and our offering to the taxpayers of Hope.”Keller says they hope to encourage other towns to come up with their own community shelter too.