Ralph Nader Evidentiary Hearing 

A judge in Machias heard more evidence Friday in the case of Ralph Nader against the Maine Democratic Party.In November of last year, Nader, a consumer advocate and former independent presidential candidate, and his 2004 Maine electors, filed suit against the democratic party.They claim democratic leaders conspired to use the courts to keep Nader off the ballot in 2004.They were unsuccessful, but some states were able to keep Nader off their ballots.The case is being brought in Maine because it has the longest statute of limitations in the country.”The evidence we submitted was evidence that they submitted that Democrats furtherance of this effort submitted baseless claims with a deliberate attempt to just cause harm to the Nader Campaign by draining their resources and by smearing them with false allegations of fraud.””I think it’s too bad that this case is continuing. This election happened a long time ago and obviously Mr. Nader was not going to win the presidency at that time. I think it’s probably about time for him to let this all go.”The judge says he will try to make a decision on whether the case will move forward by next week.