DIY and Sustainable Living Store in Downtown Bangor 

If you’re a parent doing what you can to raise a “green” baby, or you’re someone who likes to dabble in do-it-yourself projects like brewing your own beer, there’s a store in Downtown Bangor right up your alley.Chelsey Anderson visited the Central Street Farmhouse, which is holding its grand opening this weekend. ———————When Betsy and Zeth Lundy, originally from Orono, found out they were pregnant, they decided they were going to do what they could to raise a healthy baby using organic, green products as often as possible.Betsy Lundy, Central Street Farmhouse “So the world we give to her is at least as good as the world we stepped into.”Baby Zoe is 18 months now, and walking all over the place.Betsy and Zeth are taking great strides too, creating a business in downtown Bangor that focuses on do-it-yourself and sustainable living.Zeth Lundy, Central Street Farmhouse “For people, like us, who revel in endless possibilities, DIY is sort of where it’s at.”Betsy Lundy, Central Street Farmhouse “It sort of takes old fashion ideas like cloth diapering, in home brewing, baby wearing, etc., and combines them with sort of modern inventions that make them just a little more doable within the modern family.”Zeth Lundy, Central Street Farmhouse “We have home brewing supplies to make your won beer, wine, make your own cheese. Also carrying local dairy, local produce.”Betsy Lundy, Central Street Farmhouse “We have really cute locally made clothes and booties.”You heard that right. Baby goods with brewing goods. But Zeth says there’s a method to the madness.Zeth Lundy, Central Street Farmhouse “We do get the occasional customer who walks in and is surprised at a, what’s here and b, the combination of what’s here.”Zeth Lundy, Central Street Farmhouse “We just thought it would be fun to create a store that was an extension of us.”Betsy and Zeth see their business as a resource too. They have everything from eco-friendly living help to lactation specialists on staff.Betsy Lundy, Central Street Farmhouse “No matter what day you come in, you’re going to find somebody who can help you problem solve around a problem you might be having.” Zeth Lundy, Central Street Farmhouse “We are offering regular free workshops on how to do everything in our store.”The Lundy’s will hold their grand opening at 30 Central Street from 6 to 9 Saturday night. For more information, check them out online at or on Facebook.Chelsey Anderson, WABI TV5 News, Bangor.