Cianbro Buys Texas Company, Hopes to Create More Jobs 

A major construction company, based in Pittsfield, is about to get bigger. Cianbro announced today it’s bought a business in Texas, with 15-hundred employees.Officials say the move will expand both of the companies and the opportunities for jobs.”This is a glorious day for both companies and organizations and we’re going to have fun going out there and making it happen.”Cianbro Chairman and CEO Peter Vigue says the purchase of Starcon International gives both businesses a chance to grow.Starcon provides mechanical and contractor services to the refining and petrochemical industry. Cianbro, which already employees 25-hundred people, specializes in construction and equipment in 15 eastern states. “This expands and increases the Cianbro footprint by 25 states as far west as California and all the way down into the Gulf Coast region.”Starcon President and COO Dale Kuntz says, “There’s a lot of opportunity in the refining and petrochemical business and the service lines that Cianbro has very well compliment what Starcon does in some cases today, but also they have service lines that really are new to Starcon.”The two companies started working together more than a year ago building modules for oil refineries at Cianbro’s Eastern Manufacturing Facility in Brewer. Now they’re trying to finding new projects that will need more workers.Kuntz says, “There’s a lot of business that’s been parked on the sidelines and when the economy turns, we’re going to be ready to capitalize on that together and that’s very exciting.”Vigue adds, “I can promise you that you’ll see some significant activity. Some that I can’t speak to today because there are no written commitments. But I can assure you that there’s opportunities that are in front of us that will significantly help both organizations. We think the benefits that will come from it will be benefits to our clients, our customers and certainly every one of our team members.”