Veazie Fire Department Wants You to Check Your Smoke Alarms 

As we fall back an hour this weekend for daylight saving time, the Veazie Fire Department wants you to check your smoke alarms.The fire department has launched a campaign called “Change your clock, Change your battery.”The department wants residents to change their smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector batteries when they set their clocks back.Captain Pete Metcalf says changing the batteries must be done at least once a year.He says it is the easiest way to reduce tragic deaths and fires.”Without a working smoke alarm without a carbon monoxide detector you could have a fire and not even realize it or you may have some build up of carbon monoxide in the home due to a faulty furnace, spoiler or a faulty chimney or wood stove fire place,” he said.Captain metcalf says smoke detectors should be placed either in a hallway or a common area of a person’s home.