Timberwolves Get a New Home in Mount Vernon 

Three timberwolves are getting a new home built for them in Mount Vernon. The wolves are among the hundreds of domestic, exotic and wild animals housed at the DEW Animal Kingdom.Volunteers from home depot are building the wolves den. Home Depot donated more than 4-thousand dollars in materials and labor to make it happen. Owners Julie and Bob Minor are pleased about the project. “They had smaller housing before, plenty of room for 3, but what we wanted to do is now that they’re getting bigger, we wanted to have a big enough house where if they ever had to be treated if they ever got hurt or sick they could be separated, but close because when you separate the wolves it stresses them out,” Julie Minor says. Team Depot Manager Wanda Kirk says the store has funded about a half dozen projects in Maine this year. The crew expects to be finished on the timberwolves building Friday. DEW Animal Kingdom is a working farm that is a non-profit group located on 42 acres in Mount Vernon. For more information on the DEW Animal Kingdom visit