Local High School Learns at the Theater 

Brewer High School students took their english class to the theater for an important lesson.The University of Maine’s latest play, “The Boys Next Door,” met all the criteria for the sophomore english class. The students had just finished reading it for school.”It made you laugh and it made you cry, and it kind of hit all the major aspects of what we learned about and what we talked about,” said Jacob Caron, a student at Brewer High. The play is about four disabled men who live together in a care center. The production brought the subject to life for students, like Marc Eramita.”I read the play. I wasn’t really too much excited, but when I came here and saw the play I was kind of wowed.”However, the production did more than just wow. It drove home an important message that seemed to resonate with students.Caron said, “We’re all different in our own ways, and if you can learn to accept that it can make a better environment for yourself and others.”An explanation that is worthy of an ‘A.’