Rory Holland Guilty Of Murder 

A jury in Bangor has found 56-year-old Rory Holland of Biddeford guilty on two counts of murder in the shooting deaths of 19-year-old Gage Greene and 21-year-old Derek Greene last June.Holland and his defense attorneys have never denied that he shot the Greene brothers, but Holland said he feared for his life and shot them in self defense.During closing arguments today, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Marchese told the jury Holland had other options that night besides shooting the brothers. She said Holland was the only one with a loaded gun.Defense Attorney’s argued the Greene brothers and their friends were drunk and looking for trouble that night. Defense Attorney Clifford Strike called them a pack of drunken wolves.In the end, the jury decided that Rory Holland did not act in self defense…after the verdict, the family of the victims was emotional and overjoyed. “We won,we won, we won,” said Tammy Cole, mother of the victims. “I can’t even speak I’m so happy. Now my boys died as heroes because now everybody else is safe and that man will never touch them again. I can’t even tell you what this feels like. I’m still in shock.The defense attorneys were a bit surprised. “Like I said he was prepared for all the possibilities,” said defense attorney Amanda Doherty of he client Rory Holland. “It isn’t what he was hoping for and but what he expected but it is what it is he’s accepted it for now.”Family and friends celebrated outside the courthouse with hugs and tears. As for Rory Holland the judge has ordered him to be sent back to york county jail where he’ll be held without bail until sentencing. He’s facing 25 years to life on each count of murder.