Republicans Celebrate Take Over of Both Houses of Legislature 

It was a big night for republicans, both nationally and here in Maine.Members of the GOP gathered at the State House in Augusta Wednesday morning, celebrating their take over of both Houses of Legislature.Meghan Hayward reports.”This is just a fantastic day, obviously as a Republican. All the candidates we had and all the work that’s gone into this day. To see it it all come together is just incredibly gratifying.””This for Republicans is a dream come true. To have the State House, the State Senate and the Governorship.”Republicans say once the celebration is over, it’s time to get to work.”We have one chance to get this right. We have to get it right with the people of the state of Maine. Not just the working men and women, but their children and their grandchildren.”GOP lawmakers will have a Republican Governor to work with in Paul LePage.”He does have his work cut out for him. We’ve had one party of government in Maine for 35 years. But we think we can change this and put out input on it which will be good for Maine.”They say the real winners are hard working Mainers, who will finally have a voice.”The Republicans represent the views of every day people, particularly, what I call the working class people who are tired of government spending and taxing. We’ll set priorities.”Those priorities.”Obviously education is important and we’ll make sure that that’s funded as best as we can. But we need to look at is there a way to lower the cost of government spending through eliminating programs that we can no longer afford.”They say most importantly, Mainers have spoken.”This was an election unlike any other that I’ve been involved with. People were paying very strict attention to the issues. They were paying attention to what our candidates were saying. They were listening where they could see someone who would be willing to stand up for the changes necessary.”