Manna Ministries Gears Up To Collect Turkeys for Thanksgiving 

Manna Ministries is gearing up to collect turkeys to give to families this Thanksgiving.This is the fifteenth year the group will be giving away the turkeys.Bill Rae, the group’s director, says this year their goal is to collect 6,800 turkeys.That’s 300 more than 2009.Rae says it’s important that the community comes together to help its neighbors.”Our economy is shot, the federal government hasn’t been able to help, it’s about neighbors, which is the second part of it. To see the neighbors of Central Bangor and Central Maine and Bangor, Maine give so much to so many is awe inspiring. We can set an example for the rest of the country,” he said.People can come to Manna to sign up for a Thanksgiving dinner starting on Monday, November 7th.In just two weeks, WABI TV 5 will be hosting our turkey telethon to help Manna at our TV 5 studios in Bangor on November 19th.If you would like to donate a turkey, gift card or a check to Manna you can do that as well.Manna is located at 629 Main Street in Bangor, you can also give them a call at 990-2870.