LePage Claims Victory 

There was dancing, fun and even a few tense moments at LePage headquarters in Waterville election night, but the finale came Wednesday afternoon when Governor Elect Paul LePage gave his acceptance speech. “The yard signs, the door to door, the phone calls all made a big difference. Today’s victory is shared by everyone here who’s stood with us, offered encouragement and worked, worked, worked,” LePage told a crowd of supporters at Central Maine Auto Group in Waterville. “I want to thank you all and particularly all our supporters, all our volunteers and most of all folks my lovely wife and family.” LePage also praised his opponents Democrat Senator Libby Mitchell, Eliot Cutler, Shawn Moody and Kevin Scott for their service and spirited debates that they had about Maine’s future.Perhaps a run for Governor that will go down in history as one of the most negative campaigns, LePage admitted that the negativity was a hurdle he barely cleared. “The print press was more hostile than I thought it needed to be,” he said. Despite the lows LePage maintains he will work for everyone in Maine putting people before politics, which has become a motto the GOP candidate stuck by throughout the race. “I’m ready to listen, work and I’m ready to learn, not only from elected officials, but from all Maine people. The challenges we face in Maine today were years in the making. It will take time and sacrifice to achieve our goals for a prosperous Maine.” LePage is the first Republican to be elected Maine Governor since John McKernan won his second term in 1990. LePage told reporters Wednesday that he’ll be assembling his transition team this week. He said he’ll be ready to hit the ground running in January with a set of priorities: Reverse the trend of high taxes, streamline regulations, and shrink the size and scope of government.