Cutler Throws Support to LePage, Says Early Voting Hurt Campaign 

Eliot Cutler’s late rise in the polls and narrow loss to Paul LePage have some voters wondering if the results would have been different, if the election were a week or even a day later. Cutler says it’s not a question of extending the date of the election, but, rather, when it starts. At a news conference in Portland today, Cutler said early voting encourages people to cast their ballots before some campaigns, like his, gain some last-minute ground.”When you start the election at a very early date, first of all, it deprives people of the time they need to make up their minds or change their minds. And, secondly, I think it reinforces the institutional hold that political parties have on our political process.”The Secretary of State’s office says at least 130-thousand people voted early, through absentee ballots. Cutler says he’s now calling on everyone who loves Maine to turn their support over to LePage. He also says he’s proud of running an honorable and positive campaign, one he hopes stuck a dagger in the heart of negative campaigning in the state.