Cutler Talks to Supporters as Lead Deteriorates 

As election night, 2010 drew on into morning, the race for Maine Governor became so close that at one point there was a margin of just two votes separating the frontrunner with the runner-up.At that point, independent Eliot Cutler had the lead. Since that time, Republican Paul LePage has slowly pulled away from Cutler. But as of 8 o’clock Wednesday morning, the race was still too close to call.Just after midnight, Cutler spoke to his camp. “I’ll say this regardless of who wings or loses this election and I still expect to win!,” Said Cutler to the crowd that had lasted the night at his campaign headquarters in Portland. “Regardless of who wins or loses this election we have taught a lesson, we’ve taught a lesson. I will tell you right now I don’t think we’ll see another race with this kind of campaigning in this state again.”Democrat Libby Mitchell consigned the race a little after 10 o’clock Tuesday night.