Elementary School Students Vote for their Favorite Cookie 

While students at a Winterport elementary school may not be of age to vote, that didn’t stop them from participating in an election Tuesday.The students voted on their favorite cookie and as Diana Bosch reports, they learned that every vote counts.Go vote! That’s the message faculty at the Leroy H. Smith Elementary School in Winterport is spreading.While the country voted in the midterm election, students voted for their favorite cookie. A showdown between chocolate chip and sugar.”These kids are showing definitely that every vote counts and they’re seeing now at a young age what the election process works like and are really understanding things that I know I never saw as a child,” said Brenda White.White came up with the idea after she took her daughter with her to the polls when she voted in the 2008 presidential election.The election received overwhelming support, so they brought it back this year.Students spent the week leading up to the election campaigning making signs like this one throughout the school and some even made t-shirts.”We’ve had lots of children from upstairs campaigning coming into our rooms making t-shirts and stickers and wristbands and necklaces saying vote for chocolate chip, vote for sugar,” said teacher Heather Patterson.Patterson believes it’s important to expose students to voting at an early age, so they have a better understanding later on in life.”The kids are really seeing that they have a chance to make a difference and choose what they want and it just might win.”The students will find out the results of the election on Friday.