Bangor Girl’s Soccer Gearing Up for Tomorrow’s Eastern Maine Final 

Tomorrow, all eight Eastern Maine finals in high school soccer will be played throughout the state. Both the boys and girls soccer teams from Bangor High School are still alive in the playoffs. They are also both undefeated and playing Brunswick tomorrow.The girls game is at 2:00PM and in Brunswick. The Bangor Girl’s haven’t reached the state title game since 2005. The Rams know that the Dragons play a physical style of game and they say they are prepared for what Brunswick can dish out.Sadie Redmann – Bangor Girl’s Soccer”We bring it right back at them. We’re not going to dish anything out too bad or get a card or anything but we’re definitely going to take the punch and we’re just going to give it back at them.”Shannon Brozyna – Bangor Girl’s Soccer”We’ve picked up on their key players so we know exactly who to watch for and we’re expecting them to be very physical, so we’re going to play our game. We’re not going to try and get cards or anything, but we’re definitely going to come out stronger.”Kim Jordan – Bangor Girl’s Soccer”They have a couple key players that we have to watch out for and they’re really aggressive so we just have to be aggressive back.”