At Least Half of Eligible Voters Expected to Cast Ballots 

As many as 130,000 people voted before the polls even opened Tuesday – by absentee ballots. But many voting precincts still reported a steady turnout, though some say it was light to moderate. Secretary of State Matt Dunlap estimates 50-to-55 percent of Maine’s eligible voters will cast ballots.He says that’s what he’d expect in a non-presidential election year. “Historically for a contested open gubernatorial election, it hits 50 to 55 percent. We’ve been tracking that with our absentee ballots, tracking the last couple of weeks. It seems to be trending about the same direction if you figure that about 30 percent of people are voting absentee. That would bring us to just about 50-55 percent.”Dunlap says as of Monday night, about 49,000 absentee ballots had been cast by democrats and about 45,000 by Republicans.An additional 32,000 were cast by unenrolled voters.