Outlaws Motorcycle Gang Clubhouse Fire 

A fire broke out at the Outlaws motorcycle gang clubhouse in Dayton Sunday night.Crews were called to the clubhouse at 490 Hollis Road before 9:30 p.m. and found heavy fire. Before long, officials said the building was engulfed in flames and crews worked to protect a nearby building.Hollis road was closed for a half mile on either side of the scene because firefighters had hoses set up along the road.Half of the clubhouse was destroyed by the fire. While the other half of the building was still standing.The Dayton fire chief said no one was injured in the fire.He said members of the state fire marshal’s office were investigating the cause.This fire comes during a federal trial involving the national president of the Outlaws and three other members for their roles in a shooting in Canaan, Maine, in October 2009 that left a member of the Hell’s Angels paralyzed.Another member of the Outlaws wanted in connection to that case, Thomas Mayne, was shot and killed by federal agents in june 2010 when they say he opened fire at authorities as they tried to execute a search warrant.Officials have not made any connection between the fire and these cases.