Pumpkin Carving Contest at St. Joseph Hospital 

Employees at Saint Joseph Hospital in Bangor had a spook-tacular time today at their annual Great Pumpkin contest. The yearly tradition pits departments against each other to come up with the most creative carvings and display.Prizes are handed out for the best pumpkins. This year third place was award to the Great Pumpkin Gals and their mad scientist. An intricately carved Charlie Brown and the Gang, by Valerie Curtis, came in second place. And The G-I Girls nabbed first place with Dr. Intestine and a pumpkin colon. Bonnie Richards says the head of the hospital encourages everyone to get in on the fun. “Sister Norberta says be creative, have a good time with it and show your talents. So it gives everybody a chance to get out there and show a different side of us that we normally don’t see.”Some staff members also dressed up for the occasion and took part in a costume contest. Scariest costume went to Gene Simmons of KISS fame.The cast of Harry Potter won for most original costume. And the judge’s favorite was awarded to the Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol.