Mainer Killed in 1944 B-26 Crash to be Honored in France 

A Mainer killed when a B-26 bomber crashed in 1944 will be honored in France next Summer.Meghan Hayward talked with some of his nephews who say the ceremony will offer some closure for their family.”We got word from our uncle John who was in Germany over in France during the war that his letters had stopped and it was a short time after that we got word his plane had gone down in France.”Wilbur Birmingham was only five-years-old when his uncle, Robert Birmingham went missing in action after a 1944 bombing raid over Normandy.Robert was the youngest of eight children and grew up in Winterport. He was a turret-gunner on a B-26.In 1947, the military told the family Robert’s remains had been recovered. His body, in a sealed casket, arrived by train in Belfast.”No one really knew for sure. My uncles and aunts were going on faith that the remains were there. Nobody ever knew for sure.”Recently the family got some unexpected news.Another nephew, John Birmingham, was called by someone at the California-based Lacey Davis Foundation, which searches for surviving relatives.”He’s working with a group in France that is working within this community to establish a memorial where this crash site exists..”The group in France located the crash site through artifacts.The memorial will bear the words “Died for our Freedom.”The ceremony is scheduled for next July. Robert Birmingham’s nephews say they hope to be there.