Eco-Friendly Building on MDI is Underway 

A new, eco-friendly lab will be the home to some ground breaking research.Today, the Mount Desert Island Biological Lab (MDIBL) broke ground on a research facility.The building will be built according to the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED standards for environmentally friendly design. Charlie Wray, of MDIBL, says the lab’s green makeup was an important part of the company’s project. “We’re really pleased to do everything we can to do green construction and have a building that uses less energy, and we think it’s just better for our community and better globally as wellScientists at MDIBL will focus their research on animals that are able to regenerate organs and limbs after injury. They hope to gain better understanding into how these organisms can accomplish this, and why humans have lost the same ability. Construction for the facility will create about 25 temporary jobs over the next couple years. Another 20 permanent positions will open at the lab within the next five years.