East Coast Ghost Hunters Hosts Screening of Television Pilot 

They call themselves the east coast ghost trackers and up until now, their tales of paranomal investigations have been kept secret.But tomorrow, those secrets will be revealed during a screening of a pilot television series they created.”A lot of this stuff you don’t hear about, until you go over the evidence, it’s amazing what you find,” says Ken Ort, the founder of East Coast Ghost Trackers.Ort and his team of ghost trackers have been performing paranomal investigations throughout the state of Maine.One of the team’s earliest investigations took place at Fort Knox, where they came in contact with one of the fort’s most intriguing spirits.”There’s an apparition we think is Leopold Heghyi that manifested down at the fort and then walked in front of the camera,” he said.Heghyi served at the fort for 13 years and died in a nearby house.”We’ve had him ask us who we are and he said ten hut.”The East Coast Ghost Trackers are paranomal investigators using high end equipement like this laser to hunt down ghosts. If the beams break apart, that means a spirit is lurking around. ort says the spirits he’s come across haven’t been angry like the ones portrayed in film.”I’ve doing it for a while now haven’t come across any one that’s vengeful they’ve all been in good spirits.”The group now wants to share their stories with the world, they recently made a pilot for a television series that will premiere Saturday at the Penobscot Theatre on Main Street.”we’re trying to get an hour a week, we got a couple of channels looking at us, we’ve got one channel that’s been in contact with us.”After the screening, the group will tell more scary tales during a question and answer session.And for any amateur ghost hunter out there, Ort has this advice.”Just keep it up, the more we can get it out there and the more we can get the word across about it, the better it will be.”The pilot will be screened on Saturday at 5 pm. The event is free and open to the public.