2010 Congressional Race Question #6 

Joy Hollowell

Tuesday, November 2nd Mainers head to the polls.A number of new leaders will be chosen that day, including who will represent Maine in Congress.Republican Jason Levesque is looking to unseat current Democratic Representative Mike Michaud.During the past two weeks, we’ve been bringing you both candidates responses to what’s on the minds of voters.”In a number of bills that move through Congress, there are provisions added to bring funds to different states. Should there be fewer earmarks or would you as a Representative of Maine fight to ensure some of those dollars are brought here?”Jason Levesque/(R) Congressional Candidate”The process is broken. If it’s a good appropriation it should stand on it’s on two feet and should be voted up or down in Congress. We have really good programs that need to be funded here in Maine, that because there are earmarks throughout the country and certainly here in Maine I’m sure, that’s a wast of taxpayers dollars, where that money could be better used at the taxpayer level. Putting more money back in their wallets so they can invest in their community, in their families, and their businesses, but also taking that money and really looking at a strategic plan. Where is this state going to be in ten years. I haven’t seen that come form Washington. Nobody talks about where we’re gonna be in ten or twenty years from now. We think about the next election not about the next generation. So lets find the worthy projects, the infrastructure projects, the business parks that need to be invested in. That need to be developed so that Mainers can have jobs because it all boils down to jobs. If we don’t have jobs people will leave and the state as we know it, the state that we all love is going to disappear.”Mike Michaud/(D) 2nd Congressional District”On the whole earmark issue it would be a lot easier if they had no earmarks period. So we wouldn’t have to worry about it, but if there are going to be earmarks in legislation I want to make sure Maine gets it’s fair share of those earmarks. Earmarks have received a bad wrap in some cases rightfully so for how that funding has been spent but there are also good earmarks. Good example is what’s protecting a lot of lives of our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are the military equipment that they are using the m-wrap equipment. That was actually designed because of an earmark, wasn’t because the Department of Defense requested that. You look here in Maine, bring it local. I was able to get money for the University of Maine at Orono for a transportation project that actually helped when you look at bridge in a knapsack. You look at the wood composite at the University of Maine. The delegation and I we worked very hard to get additional funding for the University as it relates to wood composites and the wind mill blades, the upper arming of the tents that will be used to save soldiers lives over in Iraq and Afghanistan. That was all because of an earmark. So there are good projects out there, that’s worthwhile.”To learn more about the candidates and their opinions on the issues you can visit their campaign websites.Jason Levesque’s is Your text to link…Mike Michaud’s is Your text to link…