101st Air Refueling Wing Gets 30-Day Extension 

Funding for the 101st Air Refueling Wing in Bangor – which threatened to run out on Sunday – is now being extended to the end of November.Senator Susan Collins says the Air Force is offering the reprieve as it reconsiders budget cuts for air refuelings of military aircraft overseas. The proposed cuts could cause some of the 145 Air National Guard members in Bangor to lose their jobs. Collins says the Air Force is continuing to assess the “air bridge” program, as it’s called. The head of the Air Mobility Command, General Raymond Johns, has also agreed to visit the guard base next Thursday. Collins says, “My priority is to convince the Air Force to preserve as many jobs as possible at the base. And I believe we can accomplish that goal by showing how cost effective Bangor accomplishes the mission – more cost effectively than any other refueling operation.”The 400 proposed job cuts could affect National Guard personnel in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, too.