Third Cattle Shipment Arrives in Eastport 

There’s a cattle drive of sorts going on in Eastport. The third shipment of pregnant cows arrived Thursday.They get there by truck from Turner Maine, from Eastport they’re shipped to Turkey.The cattle are owned, shipped and inseminated by a company called Sexting Technologies.This allows Eastport the opportunity to work with dairy farmers in overseas markets.All those involved say it’s great for the area.”Well it’s no secret that Washington County isn’t the most wealthy county in the state. Matter of fact, it’s probably one of the poorest counties in the United States. So anything that we can get like this. The port is one of the success stories in this area and was anyway because of the amount of pulp that was shipped for the mill in Woodland. But now to have a little bit of agricultural business to go with that.”the United States Department of Agriculture oversees the entire operation, which includes inspecting the cows.