Students Place Time Capsule at Brewer Elementary Middle School 

Students at Brewer Elementary Middle School won’t move into their new school until next year, but on Thursday they added something to make it their own.The students created a time capsule featuring several items including a newspaper from the day after the health care reform bill was passed and hand santizer to represent the swine flu scare of last year.The JMG program was responsible for creating the time capsule, which they received as a donation from the school contractors.All of the items were selected by the students.Craig Allen, one of the teachers who helped the students says they were not allowed to place technological items in the capsule.”In 50 years when the capsule is open they may not work and we really wanted to get away from the technology pieces that way whatever is in there can still be used and it’s relevant to the day in 2060 when they open the capsule,” he said.Construction on Brewer Elementary Middle School is scheduled to end next June.Superintendent Daniel Lee says it’s important the students have a connection to a place they will soon call home.”They all brought items that belong to them, that are interesting to them at this point in time, so when they enter the school in September, they’re gonna point to that and say, you know I know what’s in there,” he said.