Lifelong Winterport Resident Turns 100 

A woman from Winterport was at the center of big celebration Wednesday.Edwina Fletcher turned 100-years-old.Meghan Hayward was invited to the party.”She’s a woman of great faith. She’s been a tremendous influence on a number of people’s lives and she’s certainly been a great influence on our lives.”Edwina Fletcher is a lifelong resident of Winterport and it’s been a long life. She’s celebrating her 100th birthday.Two of her grand-daughters helped plan the party.They both look up to her.”She’s always been very active until the last few years. Very healthy, believed in good clean living.”She had several hobbies in her younger years too.”She loved to cook. And was a great cook. She loved having her family around. She use to like to go up to Moosehead Lake to spend time with my uncle. She was just really active. She liked to go fishing and swimming.”Edwina was a fashion model in New York City in the 1920s.Her grand-daughters think she looks just as beautiful today as she was then.They say they are blessed to be able to celebrate this milestone with her.”Amazing. It’s truly amazing. Not many people live to be 100-years-old.”Edwina is pretty excited too.”Good. Very good.”And the state officially recognized this model citizen for all she’s meant to her community through the years.