Gubernatorial Candidates Share Stage in Bangor 

The five candidates running for governor of Maine shared a stage in Bangor Wednesday night for a forum.The questions were asked by local students.Republican Paul LePage and Independent Eliot Cutler both say they support charter schools in Maine.”I believe charter schools are important throughout the state and there should be specialized charter schools so that we can have a concentration on natural resources, agriculture, and marine resources,” said Paul LePage. ” We need to amend the law to permit public charter schools in the state of Maine. We need to reform our educational system,” said Eliot Cutler.Democrat Libby Mitchell says she’s not sold on charter schools.”I want the same educational opportunities that charter schools offer for every single student in Maine,” said Libby Mitchell.Indpendents Shawn Moody and Kevin Scott both say they want students to work with local businesses to get a feel for the real world.”What I capitalized from when I started my business at 17 was a co-op program. I actually worked, got out of school at 11 and curriculum was adjusted so I could take more life skills to help get out in the real world, so we need to re-implement the co-op system across the state,” said Shawn Moody.”Having a partnership so that we’re teaching the skill sets in high school that we know Maine businesses are seeking,” said Kevin Scott.Many of the questions had to do with education, including what each candidate would do to help lower the drop out rate in Maine.”It’s all about learn to earn path not only for education but for a better life here in Maine,” said Paul LePage.”We have to give people the tools that they need. Technology is such a part of students life so lets connect with students where they are,” said Libby Mitchell.”It’s like if you lose somebody at work you do an exit interview. A comprehensive, fair exit interview. You find out why … There’s got to be a reason why that person left and you document that. You get the software necessary so you can share that across the school districts,” said Shawn Moody.”I’d be a huge advocate to continuing to make certain that we have priorities in the areas of adult education, and making sure that if we are going to look at standardization of courses we make sure we track those,” said Kevin Scott.”We need to have community schools. We can’t shut down all our schools in all our communities and then expect we’re gonna be able to deal with adult education and deal with continuing education,” said Eliot Cutler. Being one of the last times the candidates will share a question and answer session before next weeks election, each wanted to highlight why they feel they’ll be the best governor for Maine. “I have a vision for the state of Maine. It is inclusive. It is based on business practices and common sense,” said Kevin Scott.” I don’t want Maine politics to become showmanship over leadership because I don’t care about politics, I care about people,” said Shawn Moody.”Coming out of a very very deep and dark recession but we can come out of it building on our resources of our people and our bright entrepreneurial ideas,” said Libby Mitchell.”We need to have stronger leadership in Augusta. We need a governor who will be working with the people of Maine,” said Paul LePage.”We have a great opportunity to turn this state around. We can be the comeback state of the decade.I believe with all my heart in everything that’s good about the state of Maine,” said Eliot Cutler.Voters will make the ultimate decision of who will go to the Blaine House next Tuesday.If you missed the forum or would like to see it again, you can do so starting Thursday on our website,