Testimony Continues In Holland Double Murder Trial 

It’s day 2 in the trial in Bangor of a man accused of gunning down two brothers in Biddeford. 56-year-old Rory Holland claims he shot and killed 19-year-old Gage Greene and his older brother 21-year-old Derek Greene in self defense. A judge moved the trial to Bangor after defense attorneys argued Holland couldn’t get a fair trial in York County.The prosecution continued calling witnesses today including 19-year-old Eric Iezzi who was with the two victims the night of the shooting. Iezzi says he saw Holland shoot Gage Greene, then ran away to call police. He testifeid that the group had all been drinking. Iezzi says he drank Jack Daniels, Vodka, and smoked pot the night of the shooting.Under cross examination, defense attorney Clifford Strike pointed out inconsistencies in Iezzi’s testimony and previous statements made to police.The most compelling testimony of the day came from Raymond Morrow, a neighbor of Rory Holland. Morrow, a retired division commander with the York County Sheriff’s Department, a position he held for 38 years, said he heard the shots and ran out in the street to investigate.Morrow testified that Gage Greene was still alive and breathing when he found him in the street and he tried to keep him alive until rescue workers arrived.Morrow also testified that Holland called him after police arrived and Morrow tried to convince him to surrender to police. Holland did finally surrender after a six hour standoff with authorities.The trial continues tomorrow and attorneys say this could go on into next week or possibly longer.