Students See Dangers of Drunk Driving Through Beer Goggles 

On Tuesday, students at a local school got a crash course in drunk driving without being drunk. Wrong turns and hazy vision taught everyone at Penobscot Job Corps Academy an important lesson. Students faced an obstacle course while under the influence of beer goggles. “It blurred everything up. All the lines looked the same. It was hard,” said Penobscot student, Justin Lerra. The eyewear showed students, like Danielle Crutcher, how things would look and feel if they were drunk.”Ohh gosh. Dizzy. I saw double.” The obstacle course is just one of many events the school will hold as part of its annual Red Ribbon Week for drug and alcohol awareness. The Penobscot Substance Awareness Counselor, Joseph Farese, said, “There is some positive awareness that comes from all this because of the constant reminder throughout the week that drug and alcohol use will impact you negatively.”The goggles represent an alcohol level of .08 or more, and the blurred vision gave Elysia McGlashing a clear picture of the dangers in drinking and driving. “You don’t get second chances in life and things like that and I’ve had people killed by drunk drivers and like that so it registers really hard with me.” While some struggled and stumbled more than others, Jamar Gooding and his classmates seemed to agree on one thing.”I learned my lesson.”