Students Get Out the Vote in Guilford 

Piscataquis Community High School in Guilford wants to help students get out the vote.They held a voting rally at the school on Tuesday.Diana Bosch explains.Students gathered in the Piscataquis Community High School gymnasium in Guilford, not for a pep rally, but for a voting rally.”This is important because it gets you involved in the system now, it gets you thinking about the system, about what you want in government.”Students got to meet some of the candidates for governor and state senate without having to travel. Teacher Eric Sterman says it’s nice to see candidates reaching out to students in rural areas that would normally fly under the radar.”To bring the mountain to the molehill, that’s a good thing, that you can bring this many people here,” he said.As part of the rally, students got to ask candidates questions. Troy Violette considers himself lucky to have gotten the opportunity.”It was comforting to be able to ask them questions, see their views and also get involved in the political system,” Violette said.Another speaker was Bryan Russell, a student from Milo who also serves on the district school board.Russell was exposed to politics at a young age.”It’s just kind of in my blood, my grandfather was actually on the first school board at Penquis, it’s just something I feel passionate about.”He hopes to inspire others with his passion.”Like everything else, it’s gotta start somewhere, they need to be informed of the political process and they need to be informed that they can get involved now, I’m a perfect example of that, I’m young but it doesn’t mean I don’t have a say,” Russell said.