Maine Small Business Coalition Supports Mitchell 

Hundreds of small business owners in Maine say they’re standing behind Democrat Libby Mitchell in the race for governor. Members of the Maine Small Business Coalition gathered in Bangor today to announce their endorsement of Mitchell.The group has about 25-hundred members, representing mostly businesses with 10 or fewer employees. They say they appreciate Mitchell’s stand on affordable healthcare coverage, environmental protection and tax credits to support small businesses.They say they also like her experience, with more than three decades in public office. Coalition spokesperson David White says, “There is no single lever here or button to push to fix all of our problems. I want somebody who knows what they’re doing, like Libby Mitchell, to lead the charge.”Mitchell says, “They want to be heard – because they’re not asking for anything that’s not good for everybody. Did you notice they’re not asking for anything for their businesses? They’re asking for healthcare for everybody.”Mitchell says she’d liked to allow small businesses and the self-employed to team up into a purchasing co-op for health insurance. She says that could help them negotiate for lower rates.