Election for Burgers 

Come November 2nd, it’s out with the old and in with the new in terms of both the Governors office…and Governor’s burgers…Governors Restaurant is giving it’s customers the chance to name a customer favorite after a Gubernatorial hopeful.Owner Randy Wadleigh “We’re going to be naming out most popular burger, our bacon cheeseburger, for the sitting governor from now on, so whoever wins the election gets tagged as a bacon cheeseburger, and we’ve all called politicians a little more names than that”After three weeks of voting, the current burger naming tally measures up almost exactly with actual election poll numbers…but how official that number is, we may never know. Owner Randy Wasleigh contends “Yeah I think so. I think some of our regulars have obviously voted twice, so I wouldn’t want to call it an official election and wouldn’t know what the margin of error is.” Customers are invited to vote at any of the six Governors Restaurant locations through October 31st…you can follow the weekly vote tally on the restaurant’s facebook page.Governor’s cashier Erica Murray says “People find it fun, its something news and they feel involved with the elections for governor in general and people always like to be heard and we love to hear them and they have a lot of fun guessing who’s gonna get what…they’re excited about it.”While the five candidates names are displayed in caricature form on the ballot…one customer thinks maybe he should be in the running for governor…Customer Arthur buck says”Naw, I ain’t running…why not? That’s a good question, because I could do as good a job as them