Winterport Remembers Sam Butler, Jr 

He was always seen around Winterport wearing his familiar hat with the W on the front of it.Friends, neighbors and co-workers paid their last respects to a man who had given so much of himself to the community.” I cannot tell what a loss we’re experiencing right now”69 year old Sam Butler passed away unexpectedly Friday.He served Winterport as a member of the Fire Department, Ambulance Service and as a Selectman.To those who worked with him, like Retired Winterport Fire Chief Stan Bowden, all considered him one of the best, at work or away from the job.”Sam had his surface as we all know him you know we all loved him underneath that, Sam was the most gentle man you’d ever want to talk to when you got to know the man he was a real Man’s Man, a real friend, and when he said something he meant what he said.”And as a co-worker it was much the same.”He was like my right hand man,” said Bowden. “All the way through the department we had a lot of good times…and bad times. I could depend on him any time day or night, didn’t make any difference he was always there for me and I needed him.”But as they lined up to remember the man and all he gave to Winterport it was very difficult to admit he was gone.”It becomes a family,” Bowden explained. “It isn’t something that you go looking for it’s a bond that I can’t explain, other than we’re all brothers, we play as brothers, we fight fires as brothers, we hurt as brothers.”