Rory Holland Murder Trial Starts In Bangor 

The trial of a Biddeford man accused of killing two brothers, is underway in Bangor.The Penobscot Judicial Center was packed this morning for the start of the trial. 56-year-old Rory Holland is charged in the shooting deaths of 19-year-old Gage Greene and 21-year-old Derek Greene in June of last year. Defense Attorneys argue holland feared for his life at the time of the shooting.Prosecutors say Holland has a history with Derrick Greene, one of the victims in this case. Greene accused Holland of groping him about a month before the shooting and Greene was charged with assault after a fight with holland over those allegations. Greene’s bail conditions stated that he was to stay at least 500 feet away from Holland and his property.During opening statements the prosecution told the jury that Holland was waiting on South Street in Biddeford for the two brothers on the night of the murders.Prosecutors say Holland had a brief altercation with Gage Greene before he fatally shot him in the chest. Assistant Attorney General Lisa Marchese described for the jury what they believe happened moments after the shooting. “He observed Gage’s brother Derrick running across the street, You shot my brother!! And then Rory Holland takes the gun and fires at Derrick Greene multiple times. Hitting him in the chest, in the abdomen, and in the elbow.” During their opening statement Holland’s defense attorney Amanda Doherty said he fired in self-defense. “We are not here to dispute whether or not Mr. Holland shot Derrick and Gage,” she told the jury of 8 women and 8 men, 4 serving as alternates. “What we are here to dispute is why this happened. This is not a whodunnit case. This is a what happened case.”Prosecutors say the two victims were unarmed and Holland was the only man with a loaded weapon at the scene. After the shooting police took Holland into custody after a 6 hour standoff at his Biddeford home.A judge last month ordered the trial moved to Bangor after defense attorneys said it would be tough for Holland to get a fair trial in York County.