Local Students Take Part in Gubernatorial Forum 

On Wednesday, all five candidates for governor will face-off in a live forum right here on TV5.To make things a little different from your typical question and answer session, local students will be playing a big role in the event.”We’re leaders, we’re the next generation that will be taking over, so we definitely have a voice and community members definitely look to us in making some of these decisions,” Said Dacie Manion, with the JROTC at Old Town High School.High school students from more than 20 schools across the state, including Old Town High School and Nokomis Regional High School in Newport, will play a major part in this weeks gubernatorial forum.It’s co-hosted by TV5 and Prepare Maine, an initiative that advocates for Excellence in Education.The students will be at satellite sites, watching live streams of the forum and helping with an interactive question and answer session.”Students and other members of the community will be texting in and sending in chat questions,” said Hayley Hayden, a senior at Nokomis Regional High SchoolMatt Brown, head of broadcasting at Nokomis says it’s a great experience for the students, “They’re going to be going through what people are chatting about and the questions and kinda monitoring how that goes here.”Most of the students aren’t even eligible to vote in this election, but they say knowing where candidates stand on issues is still important to them.”Some of the candidates who are looking to run for office this year might still be in office when we’re able to vote, so if we can’t vote now, we still want to know what kind of people will be running our state,” said Manion.Nokomis student Emily Paige agrees, “I think it will help us so when we actually do have to vote we’ll know more of other peoples thoughts on stuff so it’ll help us think about that type of stuff when we have to do it.”Some schools have invited local political leaders to come and speak before the debate begins. One school is putting on an “Election Jeopardy”, and all of the students involved are excited to learn more about the candidates for governor. “Hopefully we can learn a little bit more about how they stand on different issues, what kind of leader they might be for the state of Maine,” said Manion.The Prepare Maine Gubernatorial Forum, with partners WABI and the Maine Coalition for Excellence in Education will air Wednesday night here on TV5, from 7 to 8:30p.m..The forum will be held at Peakes Auditorium at Bangor High School. It’s free to attend, but you do need a ticket.For ticket information, log on to