2010 Congressional Race Question #4 

On the 2010 ballot will be two names for Maine’s second congressional district: current Democratic Representative Mike Michaud and incumbent Republican Jason Levesque.TV5 sat down with both candidates, to discuss issues important to Mainers right now.We asked both Levesque and Michaud the same exact question.Here’s their response to this topic:”Should we continue to increase troop levels in Afghanistan or is it time to pull the troops out?”Jason Levesque/(R) Candidate for Congress: “We must accomplish a mission. “We must make sure Afghanistan is a safe reliable ally for us in the Middle East and that they’re our partner fighting terrorism aboard and not here in the United States. We can never set an arbitrary timeline for troop withdrawal. “I was in the military and if I was still on active duty and if I was in Iraq or Afghanistan right now and I heard the Commander and Chief and Congressman Michaud say in July of 2011 we are going to pull all of our troops out I’d know and I’m sure the soldiers on active duty today now the enemy is just going to go into hiding and wait for us to all leave. “That’s not a way to conduct a conflict. It’s just putting more of our men and women at greater harm and they can’t execute the mission and they’re not getting the support they need from Washington.”Mike Michaud/(D) 2nd Congressional District: “That’s an issue that’s also very near and dear to my heart because I’ve been to Iraq and Afghanistan several times and our soldiers are doing a phenomenal job. I commend them and their families for what the soldiers have to go through. “For me it goes back to why are we over in Afghanistan in the first place and it’s because of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaida. Osama Bin Laden is no longer in Afghanistan and there is 100 or less A-Qaida in Afghanistan. “What I’ve heard from the soldiers on the ground, when I was in Afghanistan, is they make reference to Afghanistan as rent-a-nation. Four dollars a day in Afghanistan is pretty big money and any given day they could be fighting along side and Afghan and the next day the Afghan will be shooting against the United States troops. “The other issue: corruption with in the Karzai government. “When I went to Afghanistan with Surgeon General for Army and Navy, met with President Karzai I brought that up to him, and he says he’s trying to clean it up. “But the interesting thing is when I met with some of the parliament members after the meeting with President Karzai they were extremely concerned because billions and billions of dollars that the United States is sending over to Afghanistan. Some of that money is actually ending up in the Taliban’s pocket.”To learn more about the candidates and their opinions on the issues you can visit their campaign websites.Jason Levesque’s is www.levesqueforcongress.comMike Michaud’s is